Interactive Sound Installation

this fall at Elsewhere!


Alice Coltrane’s family, friends, collaborators, and students

join us to share their stories on The Ashram Albums.

This episode of In Conversation was

*Produced by Mark “Frosty” McNeill.


Music director/ion

from inside the tent ;)

for a beautiful CDLM Presentation ------>



Kuni Murai joins us on IN CONVERSATION

for a Haruomi Hosono celebration!!


Kumi James aka BAE BAE

is our guest on——-> In Conversation


Kelan Phil Cohran joins us on

In Conversation ——>


Mute Records turns 40 this fall and to help celebrate

we are bringing you an interview

with label founder, Daniel Miller.


In Conversation this week——> Suzanne Ciani


Sound editing

for  Colter Jacobsen's

show at Callicoon Fine Arts!


Jace Clayton aka DJ /rupture

shares stories from his book

and travels around the globe

on In Conversation!


Van Dyke Parks on In Conversation ***


NO MAG co-creator and publisher --->



Tom Tom Club join us on

In Conversation !*



Juan Atkins on In Conversation*



In Conversation with Harold Budd/ Inspiring!


Moving episode of In Conversation-

Music in the Asian American Movement:

Interviews with Nobuko Miyamoto,

“Atomic” Nancy Sekizawa,

and Mia Yamamoto


Slowdive joins us for an episode

of In Conversation .


Missy Elliot

+ 36 Chambers. <3

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In Conversation  a dublab podcast:

Sound editing and original music. 

Some great episodes on the way. 

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The everyday hunch. 

Mixing  ./`


Mixed and edited a series of

artists' interviews and readings

for ICA LA.  


Assisted Stenfert Charles on

recording & creating 

original samples and sounds for OZARK.


80 images from 1-80 +

words: Peter Fankhauser and me.


Susan Rogers

+ Prince. <3


Mike on tour



Video: Eliza Douglas & Matteah Baim